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- [A Big Thanks to Cindy for the picture!] -

Finally, after running around in the "Rally Uniform" for the first two games against UCF and JMU , I decided to retire the uniform for the year and watch football games like regular Virginia Tech fans. Then, James reminded me to pre-plug in the '*VT' number into my Cell Phone so that I could once again participate in the SunCom call of the game trivia question.

While sitting directly under the scoreboard at the VT vs. Texas A&M football game, I heard the familar voice pronounce, "Now it's time for our SunCom trivia question...". With the number pre-dialed I immediately pressed the send button. To my dismay, I received a busy signal. Frantically trying to get through again, I redialed as quickly as possible. After a short pause, I heard that wonderful dial tone and the connection voice on the other end of the line...

(Here is the conversation with the SunCom guy...)

SunCom: “What's your answer?”

(Unlike last time, because I had to re-dial, it gave me enough time to actually see the question and list of possible answers. Although I don't remember exactly what the question was, it had something to do with most team rushing yards in a game. The choices were Temple, Rutgers, Akron, and some other team like Miami that was ridiculously stupid answer. I remember attending a game when I was in middle school and VT scored 77 points against Akron. I figured since Akron was the worst team listed up there, and since it takes a lot of yards to get 77 points, Akron was my best guess.)

Alba (yelling into the phone - after all we just scored a touchdown...): “Is it D, Akron?”

SunCom (after a long pause): “Umm... yeah. You win.”

Alba (still screaming): “That's awesome... hey everybody... I won again!”

Everybody: “Hey, That's awesome!”

(Then I celebrated with CCVT and gave the man my phone number to get my prize package).

The Prize Package:


• A SunCom/VT Tailgate Chair
• A Three Piece Grill Set
• A SunCom Thermal Bag

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