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Freshman Year
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- [A Big Thanks to Cindy for the picture!] -

Every time I had tried to call in for the SunCom trivia question during the previous Virginia Tech games, I received a busy signal. After these unsuccessful attempts, I decided that it was time to cheat the system. Because I knew that the trivia question came up during the first time-out of the second quarter, as soon as Miami scored a touchdown against us early in the second quarter, I pulled out my phone. Sure enough, the announcer blared over the intercom, “It’s time for our SunCom trivia question...”

- [One of many unsuccessful attempts at the Boston College Game!] -

(Here is the conversation with the SunCom guy...)

SunCom: “Congratulations, you’re our first caller. What is the answer to the trivia question?”

(Naturally, they had not announced the question at the game yet. I had no clue what the answer was...)

Alba (yelling into the phone): “Uhh, B!”

SunCom: “What was that answer?”

Alba (screaming even louder): “B!”

SunCom: “YES! “D” is the correct answer! Congradulations! You win!”

(Then I celebrated with CCVT and gave the man my address to get my prize package).

The Prize Package:
• A hand-held fan that didn’t even work.
• A SunCom towel.
• A small cooler.
• A beachball (that we’re going to have fun with at a game next year!)
• And of course, the only decent gift in the prize package, a pretty cool VT blanket.

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