Roaring Run Falls
College - Junior Year

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Junior Year
- Falling Spring Falls Trip
--- Falling Spring Falls
--- Roaring Run Falls
--- Blue Suck Falls

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[Roaring Run Falls]

  • Roaring Run Falls notes:
    • Total Height: 30 feet
    • Main Drop: 30 feet
    • Hiking Distance: 1.4 miles (Loop)
    • Hiking Time: ~1 hour (Round Trip)

[Roaring Run Falls] [Roaring Run Falls]
[Roaring Run Falls] [Roaring Run Falls]

  • Driving Directions:
    1. See Entire Trip: Falling Spring Falls Trip

  • Hiking Directions:
    1. While Driving, make sure to take the gravel road with the sign that is labeled "The Furnace". There are several paths that you can take near the parking lot, and not all of them will take you to the falls. The name of the path you should be on is Roaring Run Trail and starts about 150 feet from the parking lot, just to the left of some restrooms. After viewing the falls, you can hike the upper trail which loops around back to the parking lot and passes The Furnace (an iron furnace operated in pre-Civil War days). There are several beautiful cascades that you may think are the Roaring Run Falls, but the true falls can be designated by a viewing area and long metal wire meant to keep people from climbing the falls.

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