Blue Suck Falls
College - Junior Year

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Junior Year
- Falling Spring Falls Trip
--- Falling Spring Falls
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--- Blue Suck Falls

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[Blue Suck Falls]

  • Blue Suck Falls notes:
    • Total Height: 45 feet
    • Main Drop: ~15 feet
    • Hiking Distance: 2.0 miles (Round Trip)
    • Hiking Time: ~1.5 hours (Round Trip)

  • Driving Directions:
    1. See Entire Trip: Falling Spring Falls Trip

  • Hiking Directions:
    1. As you are driving, after you pass the main office of the park on the right and pay the $2-3 parking fee, park in the next parking lot on the left (after about 0.25 miles). The Blue Suck Falls Trail starts near the base of the Douthat Lake dam, which is accessible from the parking lot. You may want to look at the information stands for a park map to help you find the trial (since the state park probably has 10 different trails). There are several trails that cross the Blue Suck Trail, but the signs are very clear as to which trail is the Blue Suck Falls Trail. The falls are not that impressive, so you sorta have to keep an eye open for them. Be prepared to get your feet wet since you have to cross some creeks.

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