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Sophomore Year
- Fall Retreat
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[Fall Retreat]
- After laying siege to the other camper's canoes and the
paddle boat, Johnny and Alba were finally overtaken and
sent into exile on the deserted dock.

[Fall Retreat]
- Out of nowhere, a bat came swooping down and attacked
innocent spectators. The heroic Johnny courageously
captured the bat and celebrated with a tribal dance.

[Fall Retreat]
- "Ahh, he's sooo cute!" the girls said after getting to see
the bat up-close. About two seconds later, the majority of
those standing around fled the scene when they discovered
that, Yes, bats can bite.

[Fall Retreat]
- Eventually, the unharmed bat was released. It then flew
into a nearby tree to recover from all the excitement.

[Fall Retreat]
- What young lady WOULDN'T want a date with one
of these studs??

[Fall Retreat]
- What young lady WOULD want a date with one
of these... ummm... whatever they are??

[Fall Retreat]
Lee saves the day and remembers to bring the rally signs.
(Did I mention we beat Texas A&M 13-3?)

[Fall Retreat]
- Crazy Stuff Alba does.

[Fall Retreat]
- Crazy Stuff Ryan does

[Fall Retreat]
- Crazy Stuff Alba does Part II.

[Fall Retreat]
- Crazy Stuff Ryan does Part II.

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