Dragon's Tooth
College - Sophomore Year

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Sophomore Year
- Dragon's Tooth

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Quote of the Trip:

"Hey Alba, call God on your cell phone and tell him to hurry up with the sunset."
- James Bailey

[Dragon's Tooth]

Gerry, Alba, Jay, James, and Ryan set out to conquer Dragon's Tooth...

[Dragon's Tooth]

Ryan, Gerry, James, and Random Girl in Background...

[Dragon's Tooth]

Unless you've been there, I don't think you could have as much appreciation
for this picture as Jay deserves. This is the BIG Dragon's Tooth; the one
with a sheer 150 foot drop on three sides.

[Dragon's Tooth]

James chillin' out.

[Dragon's Tooth]

The best part about watching a sunset on Dragon's Tooth
is the Night Hike back to the Parking Lot.

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