Tinker Cliffs Hike
College - Senior Year

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Senior Year
-Tinker Cliffs Hike

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[Tinker Cliffs]
• The Tinker Cliffs Bluffs are approximately 1/4 mile long.

[Tinker Cliffs]
• Richard, Matt, Kelly, Brett, and Nathan cookin' up hotdogs on top of Tinker Cliffs. After the sun set, temperatures fell to around 30 degrees that night. Got Mummybags?

[Tinker Cliffs]
• Richard takes a minute to inspect our campsite for the night.

[Tinker Cliffs]
• No bedrails attached to this 50ft bunk-bed.

[Tinker Cliffs]
• Nathan and Matt get our hotdog fire going.

[Tinker Cliffs]
• There's always time to have a little fun doing something crazy on the Appalachian Trial.

[Tinker Cliffs]
• Is it a gecko or a Geico?
Whatever it is, hopefully it will save me some money on my car insurance because it's a crime what college students are required to pay on their car insurance.

[Tinker Cliffs]
• Little Catawba Creek displays some gorgeous bluffs at the base of the Andy Layne Trail.

[Tinker Cliffs]
• Another great attraction while walking across the ridge connecting Tinker Cliffs and McAfee’s Knob is the spectacular view of the Carvin’s Cove Reservoir.

[Tinker Cliffs]

[Tinker Cliffs]

  • The Trip:
    1. Leave Blacksburg, VA @ 11:00 am to Catawba, VA.
    2. Arrive in Parking Lot at 11:40 am and begin to hike up Andy Layne Trail.
    3. Arrive at Tinker Cliffs after an hour and 30 minutes of hiking.
    4. Set up camp and watch the sun set!
    5. After waking up the next morning, we start hiking towards McAffee's Knob at 8:15 am.
    6. Arrive at McAffee's Knob at 10:30 am. Not much time for play because we gotta beat the Sunday traffic to The Homeplace.
    7. Arrive at the McAffee's Parking Lot at 12:00 Noon.
    8. After a 20 minute wait at the Homeplace, it's good 'ol eatin' time.

  • The Stats:
    1. 11.4 miles (one-way trip)
    2. McAffee's Knob Altitude: 3,197 Feet
      Tinker Cliffs Altitude: 3,000 Feet

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