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College - Junior Year

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Junior Year
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[McAfee's Knob]
That's one small step for James, and one giant loss for CCVT.

[McAfee's Knob]
Allison, James, Paula, Lee, Alba, Kelly

[McAfee's Knob]
The great Jay Shatzer, a friend, and Jay's brother.

[McAfee's Knob]

[McAfee's Knob]

[McAfee's Knob]

[McAfee's Knob]

[McAfee's Knob]

[McAfee's Knob]

[McAfee's Knob]
Sometimes, it's not the destination that really matters, but how much fun you have on your way there. While hiking, remember to look for hanging vines that might be optimal for swinging back and forth. However, these do have weight tolerances, as James learned when it snapped and he fell into the leaves.

[McAfee's Knob]
After we ran into Jay and his friends who were hiking up the mountain when we were on our way down, we learned that they were camping overnight somewhere on the trail. However, after pulling their car into the parking lot, they noticed that it was out of gas. James and Alba came to the rescue with a 2.5 gallon gas can for a very thirsty Oldsmobile.

  • The Trip:
    1. Leave Blacksburg, VA @ 9:15 am to Catawba, VA.
    2. Arrive in Catawba at 10:08 am and begin to hike up McAfee's trail.
    3. Arrive at McAfee's Knob after an hour and 45 minutes of hiking.
    4. After about an hour and a half of play-time at the top, we began to hike back down.
    5. After reaching the parking lot, we get back to Blacksburg at 3:30 pm.
    6. James and Alba proceed to leave Blacksburg and head back to Catawba at 5:30 pm.
    7. James and Alba find Jay's car at the bottom of the Andy Layne Trail.
    8. After filling the car with gas, James and Alba arrive back in Blackburg at 7:30 pm.

  • The Stats:
    1. 7.5 miles (round trip)
    2. Altitude: 3,197 Feet

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