Mike's B-Day Bash
College - Freshman Year

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[Mike's B-Day]
• Just to make Things Clear, as You can See Alba is running for his Life. Amy started the Whole Cake fight! Alba was Completely Innocent.

[Mike's B-Day]
• Rest Period.

[Mike's B-Day]
• Erica started it too! I know for a fact that her and Amy both ganged up on poor Alba. It was a conspiracy; I was there and saw the whole thing.

[Mike's B-Day]
• Look! It’s the same color as the Stuff growing on our Food in the Back of the CCVT refrigerator.

[Mike's B-Day]
• Again, it was all Amy and Erica's fault. So if Steve ever finds out where the carpet stains came from, make sure to tell him that Alba was blameless in the matter.

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