Crowder's Mountain
Hiking 2005

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[Crowder's Mountain]
Crowder's Mountain is one of the few mountain peaks that provides a hawk-eye view of the flatlands of the Carolinas.

[Crowder's Mountain]
Beautiful view of the rock bluffs that provide great repelling opportunities.

[Crowder's Mountain]

[Crowder's Mountain]
On the clearest of days, the city of Charlotte takes a
peek above the treetops.

[Crowder's Mountain]
There are many chances to squeeze through rock crevices and view the surrounding area from a different angle.

  • The Trip:
    1. Leave Charlotte, NC to Kings Mountain, NC (20-30 minute drive from Charlotte).
    2. Take I-85 South to Exit 13.
    3. Follow the signs to the park.
    4. There are two trails to the top - 2.5 mile trail (gradual grade) and 1.0 mile trail (steep).

  • The Stats:
    1. 2.0 or 5.0 miles (round trip)
    2. Altitude: 1,625 Feet
    3. Park closes at dark.

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